Friday, January 6, 2012

Booster Gold Ink Art

These are among my favorite pages from my run on Booster Gold.  I really grew to love this character and how he was developing as a hero

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This one was a beast of a spread.  The detail here (im talking about the pencils) was astonishing

This one was from my earlier run on Booster Gold.  The pencils were from none other than Keith Giffen, legendary Legion of Super Heroes artist.  I remember this vividly.  I was under a tight deadline and Kedith was brought in to help out.  I was out with the family when I get this number i didnt recognize.  I called the number back and it was Mr Giffen.  My wife was staring at me when I went all fanboy at the aspect that someone who was a comic artist almost as long as I was ALIVE called me to tell me I was to ink his pages for issue 34 of Booster Gold.  I hope when he saw the pages that he liked them.

 I hope I did them justice


Some More VERY recent inks

I love this page.  I was somewhat nervous abouthow to tackle it.  I think I did OK

Jamal Igle's Masterful pencils, My better than average inks

The Start of it all


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